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  • Meet the T: Meet Karl

    Meet Karl DeFord, RN, ENS. Karl’s been at T-System since the early days, and for a grand total of 15 years! Throughout his tenure, he’s worked on many different teams within the company, including sales and training. Currently, Karl is a part of the education department which is responsible for the end-user training of our documentation […]

  • We are the T: Meet Javariah

    Meet Javariah Khan. Javariah started her journey at T-System as a marketing intern and has been a part of the team ever since. The internship allowed her to gain valuable work experience and the chance to get an inside look at the healthcare industry– there was no turning back from there! Since her intern days, […]

  • We are the T: Meet Mike

    Meet Mike Rosenfeld. Mike began his career at T-System 14 years ago. Over those years, he’s watched the company grow and has had the opportunity to grow his own skills and expertise. As one of T-System’s subject matter experts, Mike specializes in documentation improvement, training and product management. He also works as a client development specialist […]

  • We are the T: Meet Cuong

    Meet Cuong Huynh. Cuong began designing medical charts as a project during college, and later came to T-System to put the skills he learned to use. His first job at T-System was as a medical documentation designer for T Sheets®. The template services department is responsible for designing, implementing and customizing T-System’s paper documentation solution […]

  • We are the T: Meet Elizabeth

    Meet Elizabeth Hampton. Elizabeth started her journey in healthcare long before arriving at T-System. From a medical student to a pharmacy technician to a physician assistant, Elizabeth eventually found her home at T-System. Elizabeth remembers the exact day she arrived at T-System, recalling June 30, 2003 as her T-System birthday. “T-System has been so instrumental […]

  • We are the T: Meet Kelly

    Meet Kelly Hilliard. 15 years ago, Kelly was one of the first two IT developers hired to work alongside the founders to develop their vision for electronic ED documentation. Even before the development of T Sheets® –T-System’s paper documentation solution–the founders originally imagined the templates in an electronic version. They just lacked the technical skills to […]

  • We are the T: Meet Sorin

    Meet Sorin Voicu-Comendant. Sorin knew he found a rewarding career shortly after arriving at T-System seven years ago. Even today, he feels proud of his job knowing the work he does supports ED physicians in caring for patients. Currently manager of product development, Sorin oversees a team of 19 developers who are responsible for the […]

  • We are the T: Meet Holly

    Meet Holly Mayrell. Holly knew she wanted a meaningful job where she could make a difference in people’s lives. She found just that at T-System – a well-recognized and respected company in the healthcare industry. During her eight-year tenure at T-System, Holly has worn many hats from medical documentation designer to T Sheets® project specialist. […]

  • We are the T: Meet Diane Wilson

    Meet Diane Wilson. Diane chose to work at T-System because of the people. Their friendliness – coupled with her skillset and background – made for a perfect fit. As a legal services assistant and contract administrator for the business services team, Diane works behind the scenes to help the company run smoothly. Her responsibilities include […]

  • We are the T: Meet Don Beisert

    Meet Don Beisert. Don was meant to work at T-System. He was introduced to the company while working in a restaurant and attending college for computer science. One day, a restaurant regular asked about his plans after graduation, and Don mentioned that he had a degree in computer science. That customer just happened to be […]