Manage Influenza Activity with ICD-10-Ready T Sheets®

Although this influenza season has been rather mild, news reports are warning we may not be in the clear just yet.

According to the CDC, it’s typical for influenza activity to peak between December and February and continue on for several months into May. The 2014-2015 influenza season peaked earlier last year which makes it hard to predict when we might see an influx during the 2015-2016 season.

Regardless of when the influenza season reaches its peak, one thing is certain: healthcare organizations must prepare for a potential influx to ensure there is minimal impact when flu cases increase. Because the flu can be unpredictable and the season or the peak varies each year, it’s best to have a strong documentation strategy in place to maintain patient throughput.

To help healthcare organizations and clinicians maintain accurate, efficient and high quality care for the expected increase in February, T-System is providing their annual offering of complimentary influenza T Sheets. This year’s T Sheets have also been updated to incorporate the necessary clinical content and terminology required for ICD-10 and the latest CDC guidelines for diagnosis and treatment.

The tool is offered to all U.S. healthcare providers and available for three care settings: emergency department, emergency department pediatric and urgent care.

The influenza T Sheets are point-of-care tools designed to support consistent documentation and capture of critical patient health information. Using influenza T Sheets, providers can effectively document, diagnose and treat more flu patients, and patients can start feeling better sooner.

For more information or to download the ICD-10-ready influenza T Sheets, please visit to the T-System website.

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Robin Shannon

Robin Shannon is responsible for helping maintain the core clinical content and intuitive workflow design in T-System’s documentation solutions, and leveraging those core competencies to drive performance-enhancing solutions for emergency departments. She manages cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality and high-value solutions that improve outcomes for clinicians, hospitals and patients. Prior to joining T-System, Robin held a variety of leadership roles in the healthcare industry, including owning her own physician practice management consulting firm. She was the director of Heart Center Methodist Hospitals of Dallas and physician practice administrator for North Texas Cardiovascular Associates. She has expertise in managing responsibility for financial outcomes and revenue cycle optimization. Her clinical background includes serving as a RN in the trauma ICU and as the clinical transplant coordinator for Oregon Health Sciences University. Robin is a member of the Quality, Value and Performance Committee for EDPMA.

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