T-System Recognizes Exceptional Employees with Annual CHART Award

We have exceptional talent at T-System, and as a company we like to recognize a select few through our quarterly CHART Awards. The CHART Awards are part of T-System’s efforts to recognize employees who go above and beyond and exhibit paramount effort, teamwork and/or results. CHART

This week on The Informer, we’d like to take a moment to showcase some of the amazing talent backing our company, and send a special shout out to the following employees who received a CHART award this past quarter:

  • Catherine Kumar, Senior Software Engineer: Catherine went above and beyond to assist a client with a challenging project. Her efforts, accountability and client-focused attitude were exceptional.
  • Darren Dunagan, Advanced Technology Group Director: Darren is a very instrumental member of the company and holds a variety of hats. He is always willing to go the extra mile and is happy to help his team at any time.
  • Kaitlyn Herron, Communications Specialist: Kaitlyn Herron is a key member of the marketing team. She works closely with clients and executives on a variety of public relations opportunities and is always incredibly poised, professional and knowledgeable.
  • Terry Wolfe, Support Analyst I: Terry is extremely client focused. He continues to raise the bar to provide excellent support to all clients. 
  • Lydia Tanuku, Vendor Manager: Lydia is an essential component to the team responsible for supporting our clients through the transition to ICD-10. She always does an excellent job of maintaining a client-focused attitude.
  • Missy Koehler, Director of QA: Missy is always willing to jump in and take on more responsibility. She goes above and beyond to make sure any job is always successfully executed.
  • Lori Cross, Sales Operations Analyst: Lori has flawlessly taken on more responsibly, while also keeping a positive view throughout all the demands of the job. She is always very enjoyable to work with.
  • Technical Analyst Team: This team has played an integral role in transitioning clients to the most upgraded version of T-System’s documentation solution. They did a lot of heavy lifting but always met deadlines while achieving extraordinary results.
  • T Sheets ICD-10 Team: Through dedication and extraordinary team work, The T Sheets ICD-10 team worked diligently to ensure T Sheets clients successfully transitioned to ICD-10.
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